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Michael B. FriedmanWelcome!  This website contains my writings about mental health policy, social advocacy, social work, and political philosophy.  Some of these writings have been published; some are works in progress.  Some are OP-EDs; some are statements made at public hearings; some are reports; some are background materials on policy issues; and a few are academic publications.

The primary purpose of this website is to provide access to my writings to my students and to colleagues. Others who are interested or who just stumble onto the site via Internet searches are, of course, also welcome.    

You are all invited to comment via E-mail.  Just click on the "Contact" box on the side of this page.  I will respond to your comments as quickly as I can. 

I have not structured this website to provide a forum for public dialogue about the issues.   I may do that in the future.  Let me know if you think that would be interesting and useful.

All material on this website is copyrighted either by me or by the organization that published it.  Use of this material requires appropriate citations.  Reproduction requires permission from me or the organization that holds the copyright.

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Writings in 2016
  • Congressional MH Reform: Hope or Hype?   View
  • Geriatric Mental Health (Book Chapter)   View
  • Not Sure I Want To Be 100   View
  • Noteworthy Deaths   View
  • Behavioral Health Workforce for an Aging America   View
Writings in 2015
  • Violence and Mental Illness: Suicide Is The Major Problem   View
  • Mental Health Systems Reform and the Workplace   View
  • Complexity of American Mental Health Policy   View
  • Improving Mental Health Policy: No Simple Solution   View
  • In Praise of Liberalism   View
  • Integrated Care At Last?   View
  • Art and Well-Being in Old Age   View
  • Do Art   View
  • Old, Drinking Too Much?   View
  • Prescription Painkiller Deaths   View
  • Being Great in Old Age   View
  • Improving American Mental Health Policy   View
  • Not Such A Grumpy Old Man    View
  • Doctors Can Promote Successful Aging   View
  • Aging Well Is Not An Oxymoron   View
Writings in 2014
  • Creativity and Psychological Well-Being    View
  • We Are Not Ready: On Gawande's Being Mortal   View
  • Substance Abuse and Misuse Among Older Adults   View
  • Medicaid Redesign: Impact on Older Adults   View
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Among Older Adults   View
  • Mental Health Policy Past and Future: A Lecture   View
  • Improving MH System Requires Accurate History   View
  • Successful Aging: The Challenge of Regret and Guilt   View
  • Successful Aging, Fortunately, Is Subjective   View
  • Integrated Treatment To Support Successful Aging   View
  • Raise The Age Of Criminal Responsibility in NYS   View
  • Mass Murder Bandwagon Distracts From Good MH Policy   View
  • Housing of Older Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities   View
  • Be On The Lookout For Elder Abuse   View
  • Bet On The Future?   View
  • Will Managed Care Advance Community Mental Health?   View
  • Debate on Mental Health Policy in Medpage Today   View
Writings in 2013
  • Pain, Pain Management, Painkillers   View
  • Stress May Not Be Your Friend   View
  • There Is Life After 70: A Review of Last Vegas   View
  • Pain Management Is Essential To Reduce Addiction   View
  • When I Grow Up: Thoughts At 70   View
  • Behavioral Activation Therapy   View
  • Feel Good About Being Old: See Red 2   View
  • "Behavioral" Health: What A Difference A Word Makes   View
  • Anti-Depressant Not Working? What's Next"   View
  • Manual of Mishegas: Excerpt in The Tablet   View
  • Depressed or Demoralized   View
  • See Comedy Warriors   View
  • Must-Read for MH Policy Makers   View
  • Gains of the Past Give Hope For The Future   View
  • Meeting Emotional Challenges of Acute Rehabilitation   View
  • Emotional Challenges of Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation   View
  • Murder and Mental Health Advocacy   View
  • No Way To Know: A Meditation   View
  • Mass Murder: Is There A Mental Health Issue?   View
  • Wheelchairs Can Set You Free: If You Use Them   View